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Some random collection of my art work and photography. 
Just a sneak peak.

Enjoy and 
                 stay friendly. 

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica in 2017

Straßkirchen, Bavaria, Germany on the 16th of November 2018

Rearranged in May 2019

Bavaria, Germany in 2016

Katja in the Irlbacher Woods in 2018

Moana at the same location in 2018

Katja, Me and Moana at my happy place, Bavaria, Germany in 2018

Mom & Me when I was about 4 years old and my lucky necklace 1994

A collage I made in 2013. Photography of my and my parents hiking in the bavarian woods and my old backyard of my appartment in Nuremberg, Germany.

An old drawing of 2013 of an elderly man. 

Me Skateboarding on my birthday last year, June 21st 2018

My Bill Banner and Old Webdesign Header. 

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