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it is about time

… to be the right time.
To be more productive and consistent with the things you love.
Never give up, of course, they’ll tell you.

I made some shots during the last days of summer at our secret home spot where I learned to surf.

Katharina and her dad.
Beautiful Katharina pretty concentrated.
Susi and Martina chatting.
Oli paddling. 
Oli and Andy.
Happy Kathi.
Katharina and Andy sharing.
A bird.
Oli smiling.
Oli surfing.

It’s been so long since I wrote something here.

I went through some troubled water but fortunately I already know how to swim in them and survive. Thank you universe for letting me survive.
I went to a psychosomatic clinic for 5 weeks.
I have to find some ambulatory care after that now.
I got to get back to my studies and make it to the Bachelor Exams.

I got myself my very own dog I was longing for through all my childhood as long as I can think.
I named her ‚Moana‘ after the Disney movie where she is a hero. She is my hero, my little dog.

I fell in love again.

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