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polaroid december memories

So, I love to take photos. With all kinds of machines.
The following one I took with my smartphone.
And I love to shake things, so they went all through my shake application.

I really want to write more. I love to share my thoughts.
Maybe some of you got the same ones.

Enjoy my little polaroids.

self portrait, at home, Strasskirchen, Germany.

Münchner Christkindlmarkt.

my little puppy Moana, at home, Strasskirchen, Germany.

my friend Brittney and Moana, Straubing, Germany.

christmas lights over Munich, Germany.

Mom’s working desk in her beloved garden, Strasskirchen, Germany.

sunlight kissing my face, home, Strasskirchen, Germany.

a ginger beer whiskey drink my lovely aunt used to make me back in Reno. I made one for me in Munich, Germany.

blue Munich sky, Germany.

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