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so what a lovely thing this is

Time flies.
We all know that.
So what a lovely thing this is – photography.
Holding up, collecting memories, moments. Almost forgotten in all those stupid and countless jags.
Thanks to you, my sweet Nikon, for surviving the moody ocean and myself.

All the photographs were taken back in August&September of the year 2012.
I met a lot of sweet and kind people I can now call friends.
I am happy to still be in contact with and I can’t wait to see them again and share some waves and moments.

many friendships were born out of a journey.

Listen to the sound above, fits the feeling pretty well.

Rice Field Housing.
close to Canggu

Angel in Tanah Lot. The day she wrecked all of her two phones with salt water.
Bali, Indonesia in 2012.

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