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personal power place

Zavial, Algarve, Portugal

March 2016

It seems to be pointless,
these days to believe something lasts longer than
the delivery of an ASOS package or even
an Amazon Prime delivery overnight post.

Speaking about Love here.
Family is there always – in best cases it should be like that –
to help you stand up again.
Gives you water and bread when you’re on the floor.

Deep down I know
I should spend a lot more time with them.

It’s naive to say the wilderness is calling me
away from them.
I can’t be away from them.
They are always traveling with me
and they call me back from time to time.

Every once in a while, it overcomes me.
The deepest fear in my twentysomethings
breaks me down,
exposes myself in the hardest sun of the south.

I hope there are more lucky ones out there,
having a family behind them.
Close friends. A warm and charming home.
Or even just warmth in their heart.

Peace of mind is what I’m longing for the most.

Ericeira, Portugal

same year

Ribeira d’Ilhas, Ericeira, Portugal

personal power place

Zavial again

lovely view, image shot by Oliver Adam

Zavial behind me, ocean ahead

need to feel and smell the breeze again soon!

Ericeira, Portugal

I could imagine staying here a bit longer


Ein bisschen was für den Gehörgang.
A little bit golden Sounds for your ears

 – german „Element of Crime“.

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