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page 259 – a short story about my current state of mind

On the road since 17th of August 2018. 


Some photographs taken the last couple of days. 


I hope you’ll enjoy and feel free to ask and tell me anything what is on your guys’s mind.
I prefere the direct way of talking.
Speaking your mind releases stress. Emotions were locked up. Are locked up. That’s how depression starts. AND the 21st century is mentally the worst of all, in my opinion. Everything needs to be done too quickley. You don’t even realize, on the way to your job or school or friend, what is happening around you. Might be that way because you’re busy scrolling around or texting your friends instead of calling them or meeting with them. Or because your under pressure, got deadlines. I got all of this as well. I am not a fucking Pastor, sorry for the f Word. But it is so important to appreciate your surrounding, people that have good intentions, take care of nature. Please, give something back and say no to plastic. Bring your own stuff, cup or Bag for shopping. Choose the nature medicine, instead of supporting those motherfucking money maker pharma industries – i am talking about those who just want your money and don’t care about your health at all. If it comes to serious illnesse like Cancer, Depression, Alzheimer, it is necessary – that’s a fact. When you had a car accident, anything like what happens in the emergency room – is fine. The true passionate doctors are my heroes.
I have spent hours with a psychologist working for the German Rotes Kreuz – that Lady – loves her job – loves to HELP – make people well so they can do well.
What I have learned so far – besides a lot of other things is that health and family – those things are the most important thing in life. You can’t choose your family, it is right there, always there. Supportive or not – you should stay close to your roots. Friends can turn into enemies. but: enemies became my teachers.
Friends turn into lovers. They break you. The Ego is bad. Break your fucking ego and you are free.
AND, like Elvis used to say: a little less conversation, a little more action please. Don’t just talk about stuff you want to do later… and you never do them. Time comes and goes. What goes around comes around. Commit to your dreams. Make them become alive. Create your own world. Live your life to the fullest and don’t regret anything. But do it wise and with respect. Respect in any country.
You are not the king or queen because you deserve your freakin vacation. Do it with respect and be open minded and you will learn so much. Let it in. Let the sunbeams into the cracks of your heart. Don’t let anyone kill your bad vibes.. Don’t wreck yourself by people who have bad intentions. They are insecure and try to let it out on the weak, the ones who suffer easily. It makes them feel more powerful. But what is power when it only causes war, hate and disrespect. It can kill you.
Your spirit, your mind, your confidence.

Take care of your heart and mind. Rest when you need to. Fuck the society. When you need a break from it, go hiking, into pure nature. Nature doesn’t expect anything from you. She gives us so much and we, all humans, are the real parasites of the blue planet. Not OUR blue planet. It belongs to the sea, the mountains, the flowers, the trees. Anything that grows when you let it just be. Growing wild. Weed doesn’t exist, it is just an easy way for the parasites to sum them up – put them in a stupid box – degrade them – as resistant and wild as they are. And anyone of them has special power. Nature is love and we should go hand in hand with it. Marry the sea, the land and it will take care of you by itself.


Right now. I just feel like going back home soon. To recover and get over all the bad vibrations I have got on my Roadtrip I was dreaming of for 2 years.
With my dog, my walking dream since I can imagine. I always wanted a dog. A dog I can take care of and a lovely creature who does not judge me 247. One who is always by my side and not because I want her to be, because she enjoys my company.
That’s the very best part of the trip. Another wonderful part is, all those lovely people I have met during the ride to the very west of Spain. I found spanish parents who take so good care of me, it blows my mind every single time I spent hours with them – even just minute or seconds or when i am not near, in my mind. I appreciate it so much I can’t even describe it in words. It makes me cry, but happy tears. Happiness is only real when you share it with people who are aware of your existence and just accept you the way you are, the way you do things.

Just love yourself and let the light inside of you and you will grow.

Peace, and Amore de Coruna, Galicia, Spain.
Truly yours, Susi Kaiser aka Supertramp


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