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it could always be a little more wild

all shot on 35mm film again
in Munich and Stuttgart again, but different days and nights than the ones in the post before this one, Germay
fall 2016

Uschi looking ready for the ski sesh we had the next morning on the Hintertuxer Gletscher in Austria. He keeps holding on to Augustiner.
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Cle watering some plants.
Stuttgart, Germany
Jonsy with some cartboard on his head
Stuttgart, Germany

The boys straying through the night
Stuttgart, Germany
The boys
Stuttgart, Germany
Nico & Cle (this is what friendship suppose to look like in my opinion…) having a pretty sweet night
Stuttgart, Germany
Cle & Jonsy or the bun boys
Stuttgart, Germany

I have to sleep five more nights than I’ll be out of here,
running away and hiding from the german November

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