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been there, done that. fuck.

been there, done that. Fuck.

That’s my tremendous quote of the day. I felt the fear coming up these days.. feelings i don’t like and I try to avoid. They keep me away from being able to be creative. From being able to feel creative… yes even from the feeling of having a feeling at all.

Then I looked through a numerous amount of photographs taken from me or taken by me. All this situations. Repeating. Feelings repeat, they disappear they fade. They grow and light the other day.

I love the mornings, we should love every single one of it, even there’s a lot of work ahead of us after that day’s morning. Rise and shine, my mom would say. I sometimes caught myself rolling my eyes up to the sky whilst she’s telling me this. In the fucking early morning. But mornings are good. 
They are fresh. 
They can be bittersweet. 

I don’t want to write stuff like „every day is a new beginning“… because that’s what gift cards tell you or lame instagram posts these days. I would rather like to write „take a deep breath, child, no matter what comes it will try either way to run you over. decide to jump on it an ride along with it! or make a step to your left and say to yourself, oh fuck you, i go my own freakin‘ path“.

This all might sound confusing? 
Or does it sound pretty right?

Would love to know what the outsiders are thinking? (you!)


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