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one stop before breakdown please

I was so close. Close before an absolute breakdown. Oh please just, let me please breakdown. Please not! Please no mind breakdown!
The only thing I can rely on what Jack says in his wonderful song are those words at the moment: „All the people in the street. Walk as fast as their feet can take them.“
So I do not understand why are we always moving so fast.
Is there something chasing us?
Telling us that the time is running out?!
Aren’t we too young – doesn’t matter how high or low the number of your year of birth is – to worry at all about time?
Don’t let a good moment, a good person wait too long. Some good things or even good people won’t sit and wait forever. That’s for sure – but a lot of things need their time to mature.

Write you again soon when I’m on the island! Cheers!

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